What should you as an owner pay attention to when selling your house? Every situation requires good consultancy. To be responsive to the individual needs as well as the development of a customized plan to achieve your goals in a very effective way represents the core of our service. The decision to sell one’s property brings a diverse range of tasks. First of all, you should determine the current market value of your real estate, followed by finding the buyer with a specific marketing strategy – you don’t want to sell or rent your property below value, after all. Based on this market price rating there will be further success determining activities following which are not to be underestimated. Our team will help and lead you through all of these tasks.

Ten steps to the successful selling of your real estate:

  • Determine the current market value of your real estate.
  • If necessary, take actions to raise the market value of your real estate (building/facilities).
  • Presentation of the real estate > earmarked clients who are looking for a real estate and active networking partners get the information on the new offer first.
  • Presentation of the real estate > from creating a high-quality synopsis to the designing and placing of adverts (print/online).
  • Gather information on prospective buyers/clients.
  • Agreement and execution of viewing appointments.
  • Price negotiation and assignment of the notary contract.
  • Providing and checking all the relevant documents (e.g. ground plot, construction permit, public easement register, insurance policy, energy performance certificate).
  • Notary appointment and winding up of an agreement after termination.
  • Transfer of the property.


Why will it pay off to engage a real estate agent?
Purchasing price identification, marketing process, winding up of an agreement: Don’t let the selling of your real estate be guided by coincidence but by an expert.
Considering the ten steps to the successful selling of your real estate, we advise you to assign an experienced real estate agent. To authorize an expert from the beginning, can not only avoid financial and judicial risks, but also save a lot of time and nerves.
Our team consists of very experienced real estate agents and marketing specialists, who, because of longtime experience, possess a regional and national understanding of the market. We value the satisfaction of your needs and know how to appreciate your real estate. This is how we secure you a successful selling at the best possible conditions. We give you the necessary time to decide whether or not you want to sell your property. Therefore, we offer you at any time a cost-free calculation of the current market value of your real estate, so in case you’re not ready to sell, you don’t bear unnecessary costs. Whether you only want to know the market value of your property or you are already certain you would like to sell: With ALUAG.CH EXCLUSIVE REAL ESTATE your wishes and challenges are well held and in competent hands. The local know-how of our experts, our well linked network with some of the best real estate partners within Switzerland and Europe, such as the proven ALUAG.CH-System build the perfect base to reach all of your requests successfully – and get the best purchasing price for your object.
Six good reasons to trust the Swiss ALUAG.CH-Expertise:

  • Broad counseling- and real estate expertise with well-grounded market knowledge – for over 25 years.
  • Access to the most beautiful, exclusive real estate and the equivalent clientele.
  • Benefit from our unique ever-growing network.
  • Proven service concept including the successful ALUAG.CH marketing- and distribution system.
  • Numerous successfully mediated real estates point out the motivation, professionality, superior assistance and passion of our ALUAG.CH team.
  • Individual counseling throughout the whole marketing process – if requested also after conclusion of the contract.


Benefit from our „All-around-carefree-package“:
An exclusive marketing done by your ALUAG.CH office from our motivated team offers you the “All-around-carefree-package”. Save yourself the essential lead in the way of selling your real estate – by mandating ALUAG.CH exclusive with the marketing. Thereby you can ensure it to be executed discrete and completely according to your wishes. The invaluable benefit: You’re always and at any time informed about verything, without having to take care of annoying administrative things between several suppliers – and you can relax and look forward to a successful closing of the contract! Further benefits of an exclusive marketing will be pointed out in a personal conversation.

Best regards

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