Solutions for age-based needs.
For you and your real estate.
ALUAG.CH SERVICES helps you structuring your needs and goals and shows you with the help of a personalized plan how you can live in your own home as long and as comfortable as possible. Using a structured analysis of your needs, you’ll get solutions and the necessary support to every step, so that the lust for life and the courage to live comfortable as well as to be cossetted also in age can be held high. The analysis of your initial position can involve diverse elements. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to support you.


Questions that occupy our clients:
„How is the value growth of my property going to look like within the next years?“

„Dear ALUAG.CH team, should we wait with the selling of our real estate until we found a new home?“

“How can I ensure to receive my age capital, of which a fundamental part is included in my real estate, to a hundred percent after the selling?”

“Do you have a solution for the time-balanced selling of my property and the simultaneous search of an age-based apartment?”

“We’re a young family with two children and are looking for our own home in the region of Bern. How can you help us with the search?“

„Dear ALUAG.CH team, I am travelling around the world and would like to sell or maybe rent my house in Wabern near Bern. Your service is highly appreciated!”


Your questions:
Do you have any questions? We gladly invite you over for a coffee in one of our offices to ensure that we can help you answering all of your questions and planning your future with a nonbinding talk. We offer fresh solutions which are completely orientated on your needs and wishes. We’re looking forward to your call or message.

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